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iPhone Users Vulnerable to Data Theft

iPhone Users Vulnerable to Data Theft

While the iPhone is the undeniable king of smartphones, security flaws in the operating system create vulnerabilities hackers can exploit to steal email, contact and personal data. Surprisingly, smartphone users are seemingly unaware of data security issues with their cellular phones. According to a recent Trend Micro report, respondents (44%) feel surfing the internet on their smartphone is just as safe as surfing the web on their computer, despite the fact that most smartphones offer no internet surfing security. What can you do to protect your iPhone? Use these tips:

1. Wifi Hotspots Attract Hackers – those bent on maliciously collecting information from laptop and smartphone users know that wifi hotspots offering broadband internet access to anyone are great places to troll for the unprotected equipment. When surfing at your local hot spot, make sure you know whose network you are connecting to. Reference the name of the hotspot and ask yourself if the name makes sense with the location. For instance, all Starbucks have a hotspot named “att” that requires validation through the iPhone’s Safari internet browser. Connecting to any other wifi network increases your risk of data theft.

2. Wifi Hotspot Login Page – many wifi hotspots require you to accept terms of service and login to a web page on your internet browser. While checking a box to accept terms of service is rather innocuous, no other information is typically collected (such as name, address, credit card number, etc) so be wary of any login process requesting such information. Also (more applicable to laptops) if the login page seems to be taking an extraordinary amount of time to load or appears to be loading a large file to your laptop or smartphone immediately disconnect your wireless internet connection as malicious software may be downloading to your device.

3. Password Protect Your Data – most smartphones provide a feature to password protect your device and the data inside it. This is typically enabled in a settings panel on the phone and requires the owner to enter a password before gaining access to phone data and functionality. While this might be annoying it is a great way to protect your data from theft, especially if your phone is lost or is left unattended in public for an extended period of time.

4. Layered Protection – exercising caution when connecting with wifi hotspots and password protecting your data is a great start, but you can increase your data protection with additional layers of security such as the Trend Micro application Trend Smart Surfing freely available on the iPhone application store that blocks users from accidentally visiting a site that could exploit an iPhone vulnerability.

These simple steps will greatly increase data security on your smartphone device and better protect you from identity theft. Also be certain to regularly update your smartphone or iPhone to receive the most up-to-date security patches made available from hardware manufacturers.

Rub Card Stores Selling “rub Net” Vulnerable To Hackers, Phishing – Rub Card, Hackers –

Rub Card Stores Selling “rub Net” Vulnerable To Hackers, Phishing – Rub Card, Hackers –
HC Network Security Recently, the University of Electronic Science and Technology, Zhongshan University student Alan found his computer speeds become very slow, he worried that she was rubbing net. Popular “rub net family” has appeared Zhongshan? Reporter interviewed found that “Rub Card” in Zhongshan major computer stores sell good. Many people think that, “rub net” is a cheap chic petty behavior Expert But that it is tantamount to self-dug trap.

In the electronic market, it is easy to get the rub network equipment
Investigation: “Rub Card” can rub network signal within 4 km
River in China Digital Plaza, Sun City, Digital Square, also some to sell computer parts and assembly of computer-based business sellers do not know “Rub Card” what, when reporters put it another way, “Card King” “Card King”, the majority of business network cards, routers, sellers will mysteriously from behind the counter, out under such Product . It is understood that, “Rub Card” in Zhongshan major computer stores sell good.

“This card is not legal, so it will not put the counter top.” Cyber Plaza, Sun City, a shop owner out of two Peng, “Rub Card”, a 180, another 260 yuan. This reporter saw a package called the WINNING products printed “link your world to every-where” the Advertisement Language. As for the other, a Taiwanese production of “Rub Card”, Peng said the boss, “can be received within 2000 meters radius of the wireless network signal.”

I tried a “Rub Card”, will this card into the computer USB interface, install the antenna gain, instantly search more than one nearby wireless network signal, and then crack the disc through a crack the password, that is, can break the password of these networks to realize “rub net.” University of Electronic Science and Technology

Computer Engineering, Zhongshan University Teacher Xu Xiang explained Rub Card works. “For more than one computer needs access to the Internet, many units and families a wireless router. In the wireless router can be set to automatically dial-up account, password, the user will set the professional point of a layer of security protocols, but often non-professional users set security protocols. so, my network card to a neighbor’s network can receive the signal, as soon as I can crack wireless router to their account password, you can line up with their network. “on the market called” card King, “” Card King “of Rub Card is not a normal wireless card, its great power is often more than 10 times normal network card, and with professional crack software.

Experts advise: beware Hacker Intentionally “was rubbing Network”
Petty cheap face a significant loss. “Rub net” Internet access fees and steal in order to save those who take other people’s networks, not knowing he is very easily be found, prosecuted, or even an inattentive hackers will fall into a “trap.”

If indicted, “rub family of nets” to bear any Law Responsibility? Cheng Yu Bin lawyers that the “rub net” is equal to theft of public resources to pay, should be a civil infringement, but also disrupt the telecom market order, if a certain amount of loss caused to criminal liability.

And Xu Xiang from Network Security Aspects of reasoning, “rub family of nets” in the Internet through someone else’s router when their various network account and password are “being rub” mark on the wireless router, so the event with professional expertise “is rubbing net are “equivalent to his own account and password over to people. In fact, the hacker organization several years ago proposed a wireless “fishing” the idea, also posted a trap called Airsnarf wireless network software. Some hackers intentionally bring laptops coffee shops, fast food restaurants and other public places “was rubbing network”, once the rub family of nets routed through the Internet computer hackers will be tempted or even forced to visit a number of hanging Virus The website, its online banking, Paypal account and password may be stolen, gained nothing in the anti-erosion meter.

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