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What is Computer Security and How to Enjoy Safer Computing?

What is Computer Security and How to Enjoy Safer Computing?

Computer security plays a very crucial role to enjoy safer computing. There are hackers who break into your computer through the Internet and steal your important information. There are also online criminals who create malicious software to harm your computer. By any means you need to protect your computer and important personal information. And this could be possible only with a strong computer security.


To protect your computer against potential security threats, you need to take several measures. For better PC security firewall, virus, spyware and other malware protection are highly important. In addition, you should also update your Windows operating system as well. In this article you will find detailed information about all of them. To enjoy secure computing you can talk to a computer tech support service provider for virus troubleshooting.


Let’s start our discussion with firewall. This is a software or hardware which checks information that comes from the Internet or a network. It is the firewall which decides whether to turns the information away or allows it to pass through to the computer and it entirely depends on the settings of the firewall. So, firewall comes to a great help to prevent hackers from gaining access to your PC. If you are using Windows operating system, there is built-in firewall and it is turned on automatically.


Hackers also use viruses, worms, and Trojan horses to infect vulnerable computers. Viruses are small programs which worms can replicate them from one computer to another and result various problems. On the other hand, Trojan horses come in the disguise of email attachment. All these malicious objects can not only erase information from your hard disk but they also have potential to completely disable your computer. To protect your computer against them you should install a powerful anti-virus program which will scan email and other files on your computer and save your PC from viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.


Another malicious object is spyware. This small software can display advertisements and collect information about you without your consent. There are many powerful spyware which can install unwanted toolbars, links in your web browser or can display pop-up ads frequently. There are also some spyware which collect information about the websites you visit or the passwords you type. An antispyware program is a must to protect your computer from spyware. There is a built-in antispyware program namely Windows Defender in Windows operating system which is turned on by default. When spyware attempts to install itself on your PC, Windows Defender gives an alert.


For safe computing, Microsoft operating system offers important updates in regular interval. This is to protect your computer against new viruses and other security threats. You should install all these updates and patches so that your computer can block all the malicious objects.

The Internet security program

The Internet security program

The government is reviewing an Australian plan that will permit internet assistance businesses to alert purchasers if their laptops are used greater than by hackers and could restrict on-line entry if adult males and women don’t fix the problem.

Obama administration officials have met with marketplace leaders and specialists to arrive across procedures to raise on-line safety while attempting to balance securing the net and guarding people’s privacy and civil liberties.

Experts and U.S. officials are enthusiastic about portions on the plan, founded to go into impact in Australia in December. But any proceed toward internet regulation or monitoring by the U.S. government or marketplace could trigger fierce opposition by method belonging for the public.

The discussions arrive as private, corporation and government laptops and Dell 6000 battery across the U.S. are progressively getting used greater than and exploited by hackers and other pc criminals.

White home cybercoordinator Howard Schmidt told The linked Press that the U.S. is looking at pretty a few voluntary procedures to help the online community and little businesses a fantastic offer better protect on their own online.

Possibilities consist of provisions in the Australia plan that enable purchasers to acquire warnings from their internet businesses if their pc obtains used greater than by hackers by approach to a botnet.

A botnet is a network of infected laptops (such as Dell Latitude C510 battery) fwhich could quantity in the hundreds and that network is frequently controlled by hackers by approach to merely a little quantity of scattered PCs. pc masters are normally unaware that their machine is linked to a botnet and is also getting accustomed to shut down specific websites, distribute malicious code or distribute spam.

If a organization is willing to provide its purchasers a fantastic offer better on-line security, the American online community will go jointly with that, Schmidt said.

“Without safety you have no privacy. as well as a huge quantity of of us that care deeply about our privacy search to produce particular our programs are secure,” Schmidt mentioned in an interview. internet assistance providers, he added, can help “make particular our programs are cleaned up if they’re infected and retain them clean.”

But officials are stopping short of advocating an option in the Australian plan that permits internet businesses to wall aside or restrict on-line utilization by purchasers who fail to thoroughly clean their infected computers, saying this would be technically intricate and in all likelihood run into opposition.

“In my view, america is probably going for getting nicely at the rear of other nations in stepping right in to a huge quantity of those new areas,” mentioned Prescott Winter, past chief engineering officer for the countrywide safety Agency, who is now in the California-based cybersecurity firm, ArcSight.

In the U.S., he said, the net is viewed as a technological wild west that should stay unfenced and unfettered. But he mentioned this open range isn’t secure, so “we should take actions to produce it safe, reputable and resilient.”

“I believe that, pretty frankly, there may possibly be other governing bodies who will finally say, a minimum of for their factors on the Internet, since the Australians have apparently done, we believe we are in a placement to do better.”

Cybersecurity professional James Lewis, a senior fellow in the center for Strategic and worldwide Studies, declared that internet businesses are nervous about any increase in regulations, plus they be worried about customer reaction to monitoring or other safety controls.such as Dell laptop battery.

Online customers, he said, may possibly not want their assistance provider to reduce aside their internet entry if their pc is infected. plus they may possibly balk at getting forced to retain their laptops completely free of botnets or infections.

But they may possibly be amenable to getting their internet provider warn them of cyberattacks and help them clear the malicious software program aside their laptops by delivering instructions, patches or anti-virus programs.

They may possibly even be willing to spend for merely a little selling price every single 4 month time period for the assistance – a fantastic offer like telephone purchasers accustomed to spend for just about any minimal month-to-month cost to include repairs.

Lewis, who has been studying the circumstance for CSIS, mentioned it is inevitable that the single morning carriers will perform a part in defending on-line purchasers from pc attack.

Comcast Corp. is expanding a Denver pilot plan that alerts purchasers whose laptops are controlled by approach to a botnet. The carrier provides completely free antivirus software program and other help to thoroughly clean the malware aside the machine, mentioned Cathy Avgiris, senior vice president at Comcast.

The plan does not require purchasers to fix their laptops or restrict the on-line utilization of adult males and women who refuse to do the repairs.

Avgiris declared that the plan will roll out across the united states greater compared to subsequent three months. “We don’t desire to panic customers. We desire to produce particular they are comfortable. past that, I wish that we pave the way for others to take these steps.”

Voluntary programs will not be enough, mentioned Dale Meyerrose, vice president and common manager of Cyber Integrated Solutions at Harris Corporation.

“There are adult males and women starting to produce the point that we’ve gone about as much as we are in a placement to with voluntary sorts of things, we should have points that have much more teeth in them, like standards,” mentioned Meyerrose.

For example, he said, coffee stores or airports may possibly restrict their wireless services to laptops equipped with particular protective technology. internet businesses may possibly qualify for specific taxes advantages if they founded programs in place, he said.

Unfortunately, he said, it may possibly possess a serious assault prior to for the government or marketplace impose such standards and programs.

In Australia, internet businesses could possess the capability to possess a range of actions to restrict the harm from infected computers, from issuing warnings to restricting outbound e-mail. They could also temporarily quarantine compromised units while delivering purchasers with hyperlinks to help fix the problem.


Microsoft Security Essentials Review

Microsoft Security Essentials Review

Microsoft Security Essentials has been on the market now for a short time, this is a free consumer anti-malware product to utilize on your Windows based computer. MSE boasts exceptional real-time protection for your pc which will guard against viruses, malware, spyware, along with other malicious software, Trojans and phishing. The developers of the free antivirus and anti-spyware program have designed that it is top notch consumer solution which is a suitable option to other popular antivirus freeware.

Several Microsoft Security Essentials reviews have indicated over and over this free antivirus software program is extremely effective. A powerful top end element called Dynamic Signature Service is used. This feature makes use of a variety of methods to search for malware, and even more impressive is always that this method will also be able to identify an infection even before its signature has been added to the database and identified.

Security Essentials also supplies real-time protection, which is a must-have item. Real-time protection guards your personal computer system all the time (when it is on) while you might be using it; browsing websites, downloading images, connecting on social network sites, etc as well as protecting your system which will then warn you if malware or even a virus is looking to be downloaded to your computer system.

Security Essential reviews also have noted that MSE is unobtrusive and also the process runs virtually invisibly in addition to efficiently without anyone’s knowledge. It does not work with a high amount of resources and will be visible inside the taskbar. This allows the consumer to do just about any pc related activity with no bogged down computer system.

An additional positive feature highlighted in various Microsoft Essential reviews is that it has its own firewall. This particular firewall is used instead of the Windows firewall (which can be turned off), this permits a minimal amount if any conflicts. The software will turn off Windows firewall during installation.

In conclusion Microsoft Security Essentials can be a highly effective malware plus antivirus program. It is exceptional and constantly updated. Microsoft Security Essentials review websites have constantly given high marks to the MSE software. Many tests were performed to this program, and also it was found to detect and clean root-kit, spyware, Trojans along with malware correctly and efficiently with a minimal quantity of false positives. Essentials may be developed well, is simple and easy to use, and it is free.

Purchase AVG Internet Security 8.5 cheap

Purchase AVG Internet Security 8.5 cheap

AVG Internet Security Version 8.5 has been steadily building a solid following for its protection products. Unlike some security vendors, AVG allows you to opt in to various partnerships (as opposed to opting out), such as the Yahoo Search box, during installation.

Buy AVG Internet Security 8.5 cheap

AVG has other strengths beyond its opt-in policy, of course. Like the CheckPoint ZoneAlarm Extreme Security suite, AVG walks you through the setup and configuration process with a few helpful tutorial screens. It also stays within its core competencies, offering various shields for e-mail filtering, Web-site filtering, spam filtering, and so forth.

Using its own malware detection engine, AVG did superbly in both the on-demand and on-access detection of 2735 malware files, macro viruses, and scripts, scoring 100 percent against each. And AVG did well against the 722,372 collected samples of Trojan horses, worms, password-stealers, and other nasties, identifying 95 percent of samples on average. That means this suite did reasonably well among the security suites tested.

AVG removed 80 percent of the malware files and Registry changes that malware had put in place, but it failed to scrub test infections from 40 percent of the Registry. It detected 100 percent of inactive rootkits (stealth malware used to hide infections from PC users and security software alike), detected 90 percent of the active ones, and removed eight out of nine active rootkits. Those results still put AVG among the best we’ve tested.

Through its acquisition of Sana Security, AVG says it has improved its behavioral-based malware detection, since it can now monitor up to 290 distinct behaviors to determine whether a file’s activity is malicious. However, this technology didn’t work as AVG might have hoped in our tests: Overall, AVG earned slightly-below-average scores for behavior-based detection of malware. In detection, AVG produced a warning 53 percent of the time, and detected and blocked 33 percent of the malware, but removed only 20 percent.

In proactively identifying unknown malware for which it doesn’t yet have a signature, AVG scored below average. In tests using 2-week-old signature files, it identified only 37 percent of samples. And on four-week-old signature files, it identified only 30 percent. On the positive side, AVG responds fairly quickly to new widespread malware attacks, typically within 4-6 hours according to AV-Test. However, AVG signature updates per month were low; the company issued only 50 in January 2009, 58 in February 2009, and 58 in March 2009, for an average of 1.9 per day, compared with more than 200 per day from Norton.

AVG scans archive files on demand by default, and AV-Test reported somewhat long on demand scan times of up to 88 seconds on a 741MB file, with on-access scans of 65 seconds, compared with only 41 seconds to copy the same file on a system without antivirus installed.

AVG scans e-mail for viruses, and provides IM protection as well. Antispam protection comes from MailShell. For antiphishing, AVG uses a combination of sources, including the Anti-Phishing Working Group and Phishtank. The real Web protection, however, comes from LinkScanner, a tool that looks for and scrubs malicious content from Web sites before it hits your browser.

In our informal use tests, the behavior-based AVG Firewall displayed a high learning curve; it requested permission for every Internet-facing application, a process that gets tiresome and invasive quickly. By comparison, ZoneAlarm recognizes many popular programs, eliminating unnecessary messages.

Overall the AVG interface is clean and straightforward. Want to know more about the firewall, for instance? Click the Firewall icon to see configuration settings.

AVG did very well with traditional and zoo malware, but it didn’t do so well using just heuristics, missing the 2- and 4-week old signature file tests. Still, for the money, AVG Internet Security 8.5 is a good value that will do a strong job at protecting your computer.

Purchase AVG Internet Security 8.5 cheap

Database Security Measures You Can Use

Database Security Measures You Can Use

We all know how easy it can be for hackers to gain access to our private information on our computers. Email and the Internet are great tools for hackers to use to gain unauthorized access to some of our most important personal and financial information. There are things that you can do to protect your computer, and prevent harmful content from being sent to your computer.
One of the best ways that you can implement database security measures is by keeping the file password protected. This will only allows specific users to have access to the files and the database. It can keep people out of the information that you do not want them to see. You can also install various anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer. Fire walls are another excellent tool that you can use to prevent anyone getting access to your personal information.
There are always new updates and downloads available that you can get to keep your security software programs safe and protected. It is important to stay up to date with any of the new features that you can download to help improve the level of security. Database security can be kept safe by using fire walls to protect your databases. Fire walls can be used in software and in hardware and even both. They are usually used to help prevent unauthorized users from being able to access private information and networks that are connected to the Internet. Fire walls are commonly used in companies that are protecting the privacy of information being passed from one user to another, or through the Internet. Fire walls are set up to filter every message and communication that passes through the system.
If you have information that you need to keep protected and need to have security features intact for allowing only certain users to have access to view, change or delete files in your database security system, you need to have the right tools to defend your computer. If you are not sure if you have the right amount of security and protection to keep your entire information safe, you may want to verify that you have anti-virus software installed. Not only is it important to have anti-virus software installed on your computer, you also need to make sure that it is up to date and turned on for full security. 
Security is a big concern for both corporations and small companies. More and more research and development is going into new ways to help keep computers protected and to keep everyone’s personal and financial information secure and prevent others from gaining access to the files. 

Virtual environment security threats have become a reality by the theory – hackers, virtual machine – Security Industry

Virtual environment security threats have become a reality by the theory – hackers, virtual machine – Security Industry

HC Network Security  Escape from the virtual machine has always been seen as similar to a black operation. You constantly hear researchers to study some of the rumors of malware samples, which malicious software can escape from a virtual client to Host Ri. At the same time, other researchers are also looking at allowing an attacker to escape from the virtual machine vulnerability.

These physical attacks threatened the sanctity of virtualization projects, but virtualization in many Company In fairly popular, because the server consolidation and power consumption, they have a great advantage. However, the number of vulnerabilities using tools are also growing, will increase the number each month.

In late July 2009 Black Hat USA conference, a number of research institutions on the virtual machine, this vulnerability made the most clearly understood. Immunity is a Security Assessment and penetration testing company, to the outside world provides a software tool called Cloudburst more information, the tool developed by the senior security researcher KostyaKortchinsky. Cloudburst Immunity currently provides to the CANVAS testing tools with the user to use, it uses the VMwareWorkstation6.5.1 and even earlier versions of the display bug, but this bug is also found in VMwarePlayer, Server, Fusion, ESXi and ESX [see CVE2009-1244, to get the exact version number].

Kortchinsky in the Cloudburst in the development of some innovative thinking, he chose to use the virtual machine and the dependence of some equipment (such as video adapter, floppy disk controller, IDE controller, Keyboard Controllers and network adapters), to gain access to the host. In the Black Hat conference, he made a report to the outside world, explains how he used analog video equipment VMware vulnerability to attack, he also demonstrates how to use the host to the client’s memory leaks and how to host from client memory write arbitrary data to any location.

“Video adapter handle the most complex data,” he said. “It has a particularly large shared memory.”

Kortchinsky that the same code simulation for each VMware Product The equipment. “If there is a vulnerability exists, then every VMware product on the vulnerability exists, and by I / O port or memory-mapped I / O ports can be accessed on the client.” Immunity said, Cloudburst is available Damage (Corrupt) memory capacity, which allows it to form a tunnel in the client frame buffer (framebuffer) to establish and host MOSDEF above link to and host Communicate . MOSDEF is a set of tools inside CANVAS exploits tool developed by the Immunity founder DaveAitel.

April 10 this year, VMware has patched the vulnerabilities of these versions. 4 days later, Cloudburst released and added to concentrated CANVAS tool. This makes the Cloudburst and it is different, it is no longer trigger a vulnerability code confirmatory (proofof concept), this, and most of the different virtual machine malware.

Article written here, the safety of the contents of the technical part is over, but the buying power and as a safety manager responsible for decision-making, it does mean for you? No recession in the economy two years ago time, this issue will give us more inspiration, you will argue that the expenses and should be more security in mind, rather than economic factors. Because of security issues may affect the company’s IT environment, and this effect will be immediate feel.

Threat of virtualization has been abstract and theoretical than practical. Of course, there are also some subtler, virtual rootkit technology (such as BluePill), but this requires the understanding of technology hackers have talent, but to some very complex things as the tools of the hacker attack seems to be feasible of. Experts warned that the threat of physical virtual environment has emerged, but these theoretical thing, you still can not develop its own strategy and buy the corresponding enterprise virtualization products. You may need to do is to keep up with the trend of virtualization, because it can bring great benefits, so that the user still empty. The security issue in the future it will be rapidly approaching.

However, in the future. Attacks against the virtual machine slowly from theory into reality. At present, there have been five on the virtual machine escape CVE warning, in Kortchinsky, iDefense’s Greg McManus, and CoreSecurity company based on the work study group, researchers and other attackers will continue to analyze this issue, research Therefore, more security vulnerabilities that emerged after the thing is almost inevitable.

Experts say, the network should not rely on traditional security measures, because they can not resist the threat of each virtual machine. So far, most organizations are in response to the virtual environment, security issues, and the continuous emergence of new attacks, exploits and vulnerabilities confirmatory trigger code (proofof concept). Virtual machine security situation is at a cusp.

Two years ago, security experts, the current Cisco cloud and virtualization solutions director ChrisHoff once said: “Virtualization security threats and vulnerabilities obscure, and the corporate management of the safety performance of these negative, they think the deployment of virtualization technology, when the focus of security problems is not considered. So even if the attempt to think through the establishment of the business case for security investments in a virtualized environment, these efforts will not have much effect. “

With the Cloudburst is seen as the latest attacks against the virtual machine, in this context, Hoff, and other security experts dedicated to the virtual environment prediction seems to be verified.

It is also two years ago, Hoff wrote an article about a virtual machine vulnerability article. At that time, the attacker using the flaw in the VMware client operating systems can run arbitrary code. In that article, his last words were: “This is a virtual machine for the first attack, there will be more later, it is certain … you have to reconfigure or to your Global Virtual Data Center (serverfarms) before the patch … you can start with examples of such discussions with the management of a calm, rational discussion … “

The future has arrived.

Vipre Antivirus Premium – High Performance Total Security

Vipre Antivirus Premium – High Performance Total Security

VIPRE Antivirus Premium is high-performance antivirus + antispyware software with an integrated firewall. It doesn’t slow down your PC like other antivirus products. Using its next-generation technology, it protects your computer from all malware threats including viruses, adware, spyware, worms, rootkits, phishing attacks and much more.

And VIPRE Premium is supported by a world-class team of experts, with toll-free support and free malware removal assistance! Get VIPRE Premium with integrated firewall today and get the peace of mind of the world’s most-loved antivirus product!

Does Not Slow Down Your PC
VIPRE Premium optimizes overall performance by combining antivirus, antispyware, firewall and malicious website filter together into one powerful tool, all written completely from scratch with the latest technologies.
Developed with you in mind so it’s easy to understand and use with minimal notifications and the very best threat protection. 

100% Money Back Guarantee
VIPRE comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, we won’t make you jump through hoops to get all your money back. 

Best Malware Detections
Ranked one of the top performing antivirus products in the world for malware detection, VIPRE Premium detects, removes and blocks all types of PC threats. 

Free Tech Support
All customers receive free technical support from some of the best support technicians in the industry.
Free Malware Removal Assistance
Every purchase of VIPRE includes absolutely free malware removal assistance. We’ll guarantee your satisfaction, or you’ll get a 100% refund — no questions asked.


Includes advanced features for total protection.

VIPRE Antivirus Premium includes features for total security protection, including a 2-way firewall, malicious web filtering, ad blocking, antiphishing, and more.

High performance threat protection with low impact to system resources

User surveys show the biggest frustration with existing antivirus programs is bloat and high resource usage. VIPRE Antivirus Premium runs seamlessly without significantly impairing system performance and is designed for an unobtrusive user experience, keeping notification pop-ups and warnings to a minimum.

All-new technology delivers a unique antivirus and antispyware engine

At VIPRE’s core is an antivirus and antispyware engine that merges the detection of all types of malware into a single efficient and powerful system. The new technology was developed exclusively by Sunbelt, without building on older generation antivirus engines. VIPRE Premium uses next-generation technologies making it the future of antivirus programs!

Advanced anti-rootkit technology

VIPRE’s all-new anti-rootkit technology finds and disables malicious hidden processes, threats, modules, services, files, Alternate Data Streams (ADS), or registry keys on a user’s system.

Removing rootkits is supplemented by VIPRE’s FirstScan™ which runs at the system’s boot time. FirstScan bypasses the Windows operating system, to directly scan certain locations of the hard drive for malware, removing infections where found.

Real-time monitoring with Active Protection™

VIPRE’s Active Protection delivers real time monitoring and protection against known and unknown malware threats. Active Protection works inside the Windows kernel (the core of the operating system), watching for malware and stopping it before it has a chance to execute on a user’s system.

Full protection against email-borne threats

VIPRE Antivirus Premium includes comprehensive protection against email viruses, with direct support for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail; and support for any email program that uses POP3 and SMTP (Thunderbird, IncrediMail, Eudora, etc.).

We Saved The Best Thing For Last! Unlimited Home License

Uniquely, VIPRE is the first antivirus program to provide an “unlimited home license”(*). Provides all the PCs in your house can be protected with this single ‘home license’. This license is for residential use, and includes your home office. All the PC’s in your home are covered. For example, that would include a laptop in use by a child in college. (Small businesses should not use this license, they should use VIPRE Enterprise). All annual subscriptions include one year of threat definition updates, software upgrades, and live US-based toll-free technical support. Get VIPRE Antivirus Premium and there’s only one toll-free number to call for all your PC security tech support.

Internet Email Security Solution Will Make Certain That Your Business Is Not Bugged Down By Spam

Internet Email Security Solution Will Make Certain That Your Business Is Not Bugged Down By Spam
The internet has imposed itself on virtually everybody these days and it has become more of a prerequisite rather than a mere option to adapt to its huge potential. Every business entity now aptly comprehends the necessity to exploit the World Wide Web and do that proficiently. With the benefits of the internet, it also has a dark side to it, which comes in shape of viruses, spams, malwares, spywares, worms and Trojans. So in order to keep your business concern unaffected, you need to bring into play internet email security solution.

Internet email security solutions consists of various programs which can differentiate between spam and mails important to business, scan every mail for spam, phishing attacks or other such infection, assist you in saving email bandwidth cost, easy to maintain, secure and reliable. Not only inbound protection, your business also needs some degree of outbound Email Security as well; you will not like it if a message from your corporation with inappropriate content reaches the clients (both existing and prospective). The risks attached with unprotected mail are too much for a business entity as the things at jeopardy is too much to lose.

In such a scenario internet email security solution is the best thing that can happen to you. The popularity of Free Email security solution is rising in every nook and corner of the globe and this can be owed to the rising levels of awareness amid business owners from all across the world. Some of the other steps which will go a long way in making your workplace emails safer are: – back up your data at regular intervals, protecting your computers with passwords and updating anti virus and firewalls frequently.

If you want 100% protection from virus, and safeguard your business from spam, you should choose aptly from amid the horde of internet email security solutions accessible on the World Wide Web. When you opt for hiring email security service, you can rest assured that it will definitely have a say in your escalated ROI (Return on Investment), which you will see in the coming years.

You never want to be a victim of identity theft and hat is what those viruses, Trojans and worms do to you. if you already didnt knew, I will definitely come to you as a surprise that out of every one hundred emails sent daily on the internet only ten are genuine and the rest ninety are spam. And since you are in a business, you should by now know that more than two third of your corporations operational records stay in emails.

Check Point Utm An All In One Solution For Network Security Appliance

Check Point Utm An All In One Solution For Network Security Appliance
Network administrators or network managers of all business sizes have critical tasks in protecting their networks against any types of external threats (aka Internet threats). Moreover, they also need to protect the organizations information assets against the threats from the inside. In protecting from the insiders, generally they develop the information security policies and enforce them to all the users.

Traditionally network administrators or network managers implement different types of protection systems for each types of the threat to secure the network. For example, you need to deploy a native firewall in each of the intersection between the internet and the private network. And you need to implement a management of antivirus server to provide virus protection for all the computer clients in the network. Or you need to deploy an intrusion detection system (or appliance) to stop the hackers infiltrating your private network.

Implementing many types of different systems or appliances to protect your business networks might raise the overhead cost and administration. Moreover, intruders today are evolving to get smarter and more harmful. Traditional firewalls cannot effectively block those threats anymore. It is therefore, you need a comprehensive network security an all-in-one UTM appliance or UTM firewall for all the requirements you need to protect your network security.

Check Point UTM-1 Appliance is a single device for all you need to protect your network. The appliance can include flexible software blades you can add and extend as needed including the firewall, IPS (intrusion prevention system), anti-spyware, URL filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam, and web-security software blades.

Normally when you setup and install individual software system for example traditional web-filter or anti-virus systems into a server, you have to collect prerequisite information such as your server-name, how to reach the internet, what account to use in accessing the internet, and so on. But with Check-Point UTM-1 appliance, you can setup the appliance easily using the first-time installation wizard. Deployment process is as easy as plugging in and turning on the appliance; following the onscreen wizard; and launching the management interface.

To optimally use this UTM firewall appliance in protecting your internal network against any emerging threats, you require Check Point Update service. Appliance is just a hardware, but to keep your system updated you must subscribe the update services in a yearly basis. Mostly all the UTM network security appliances include the security update service you have to subscribe in a yearly basis. For example Cisco WRVS4400 for small businesses which supports the optional Cisco Protect Link services, the service to subscribe the dynamic content filtering.

Security is very expensive, but it is worth in protecting your valuable information assets against any emerging internet threats.

For SOHO (small office home office) businesses, spending lots of money for security protection is not sensible. Check Point UTM security appliance is not for SOHO, but it is for small to medium businesses where information security protection is a critical task to do. For SOHO, consider home wireless routers such as Belkin N600 wireless n dual band router. The router supports all the requirements you need to build your wireless network environment for sharing the internet, it includes two USB ports to allow you share the printer and storage at the same time. The router is ideal to start home businesses with standard networking but you still can enjoy the smooth online gaming and high-performance video streaming.

But if you are really serious in starting your small business with limited budget, consider Cisco RV 120W Wireless-N router. The router is an all-in-one device that offers high performance, business-class features, and a simple user interface and is designed for small office which includes the VPN and VLANs features.

By Ki Grinsing

Denver Network Security Are Hackers Putting Your Business In Danger?

Denver Network Security Are Hackers Putting Your Business In Danger?
With the Wiki Leaks drama as of late, it seems that there is a lot of speculation circulating as regard to who’s at risk, what can be done, and who to turn to for support to prevent these kind of information disasters. That’s where finding a reputable IT support company that provides excellent Denver network security services comes in! Most good IT support companies offer a variety of services to address information security that include disaster recovery, internet security, network security and other data protection services for the everyday small business.

With fear comes rash decisions however (exactly what hackers want). Look to avoid some of the many scares that are crippling businesses and causing them to over spend. For example, see this recent email I received from our tenant regarding just this issue, and QeH2 Partner Ian Holt’s thoughts following…

WARNING: Internet usage and DoS attacks

With the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange the largest hacker group in the world right now (Known as “Anonymous”) is doing major attacks on many financial institutions like Paypal and Mastercard and internet providers like Amazon. These attacks also known as DoS (Denial of Service) attacks are usually performed by sending out massive amounts of malware which hijacks people’s machines and disseminates the attack from unknowing victims machines. Occasionally these malware include Trojans and worms which will damage your machine.

As an added precaution beyond normal virus and malware protection we want all of our customers to know about this and would ask that you limit internet usage over the next three days to curtail any hijacking of your equipment. By all means, do not stop using the internet altogether but please limit your usage as much as possible for the next three days. The government is fighting back against these hackers and the major companies are working on patches to block the malware dissemination but it will take time.

I sent this to my Partner and friend Ian, he replied with the following….

“This sounds like a hoax. It’s not like there is a limited amount of internet to go around. If you try to access one of the websites they attack it will be slower, but your internet usage will not affect nor increase your ability to be attacked or hijacked.

The government does fight back against hackers, the FBI has 1 (that’s ONE) cybercrime expert in the state of Colorado and he’s woefully behind the times. Private companies being attacked will update their security policies and block offending traffic and may experience a few hours of downtime until they control their own sites.

Erroneous parts of this email include – The Paypal BLOG site was down, not paypal. Amazon is NOT an internet provider, they are an online retailer.

This whole thing reeks of cyberhoax.”

Hopefully this proves as an example that you never know what to believe, especially given the various sources. Someone played a simple hoax here but the results can and will be lost productivity, etc. When a question comes up just contact your local Denver network security company or your IT support technician, that’s what we’re here for!