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Security services and techniques to Secure Your Windows Terminal Services

Security services and techniques to Secure Your Windows Terminal Services

Therefore, I would like to share some important techniques to secure your terminal services so that by no means susceptibility is exploited. Although this is not a comprehensive guide but it will give a fair idea of how to secure your Terminal Service environment.

Deploying Security Services In order to deploy Security servicesin to your servers make sure that the server does not have any second program running along. Although it might be a little difficult for many organizations which are allocated with a limited budget to spend but running two server applications can have a negative impact on the server and the Security servicesbeing deployed may put a major strain on your server. Therefore in order to cut down the load on your servers and its resources such as the memory of your CPU etc, planning is required so that the Security servicesacts without any ambiguity.

If terminal services are running on a domain controller then the security risk is increased as it shows clearly that the server is assigned with a double duty configuration. Security serviceshelp protect servers and its resources only if it is allowed with a free space and speed. It is obvious that if a user manages to gains access to an operating system of your company and the terminal services are installed in your domain then he can easily get control over your domain and the Security servicesmay not function properly because of the strain on the server and you are challenged with high security risk because of it.

Another reason of high risk before deploying terminal service is when inappropriate Security servicesare being used. Although operating systems are equipped with new versions of Security serviceswhenever the latest version of windows server is installed, but it maintains a backward compatibility which can have an effect on the security services. For example, an option of relaxed Security servicesis given whenever Windows Server 2003 version of the terminal services is installed which helps you to maintain a backward compatibility with previously installed windows server. But make sure that the Security servicesof the newer version are working well or your server will be at high risk and hackers can cause damage to your organization by passing through the domain. Similar Security servicesconfiguration options are given in windows 2000 server to choose between permission compatible with terminal server 4.0 or windows 2000 server users.

Therefore, when upgrading servers, planning is required on what Security servicesmode you shall you switch to. This is because when a mixed environment mode is running on your system few of the applications maintained from an older version might not be compatible with the newer version being deployed. So in order to control situation like this relaxed Security servicescan be used until all the applications on the server are updated to the latest operating system. But once it has been decided to update the servers then the Security servicesrunning in the relaxed mode should be reset and switched to full security option to give maximum security to all the applications on the server and prevent any misuse or unauthorized user to gain access.

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Secure Web Browser Maxthon Is The Best Choice

Secure Web Browser Maxthon Is The Best Choice
Recent years, with viruses, Trojans and other malicious programs on the Internet wantonly spread, I believe that many users have been inadvertently “caught” experiences. Users also must have a lot of harassment often malicious Web site – even in the case without notice to visit a phishing site, “over to” give up their banking transactions passwords, resulting in economic losses.

In fact, viruses, trojans and other malware are not a scourge. In most cases, malicious programs just by tampering with the user’s browser registry information related to key implantation, resulting in the basic browser failure protection, and then fool security software and firewalls, to the purpose of its invasion.

So in recent years, not just security software vendors are continually introducing new anti-virus products, firewall tools to protect users surfing the web are not viruses, and many browser manufacturers have introduced so-called “Safety Browser,” “Private browser, “and so on. The browser claims to be the effective protection of the user’s browsing security, blocking malicious addresses, plug-ins, and automatically identify malicious sites and linked to horses, phishing site. However, many users may have realized that, in the professional installation of these so-called browser, accidentally still be viruses, will still be hanging Horse beset pages and pop. In the end how to contain these viruses do pages and pages linked to horse? In fact, without the use of so-called “Safety Browser”, with most users currently popular Maxthon browser, you can easily identify the page linked to horse, and automatically block malicious programs running at the same time will pop-up prompts, allows users to choose whether run and stop.

Example, when users are accessing the web trying to run through the Maxthon browser, the software when a paragraph, and other direct clearance browser is different, Maxthon browser for users to block the program to run, and will automatically pop-up dialogue box prompts the user whether to stop the run (Figure 1).

Dialog in safety monitoring, we can see, the user can demand their own use and choose “stop this” (the current program will not run), or choose “only allows the implementation of The operation “(let go of this, the next run time will still pop-up safety monitoring prompt, users need to re-select). And “join the trust list, always allow this action” option, can be automatically added to Maxthon browser security control procedures among the list of trust, which are commonly called “white list” in the future do not run this program will again get the prompt.

Been measured, when the author used for testing, not even the disguise of security tools to prevent “Trojan horse” program, trying to run Maxthon Browser, Maxthon browser will automatically pop-up safety monitoring warning for the user, indicating the number of this program Certificate Situations and paths. Users to stop, select “stop this action,” the camouflaged program will not run, can not implant into the user system