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Your software is dynamic, however, your budget might burst by trying to protect it before you bring it to the market.  We all know how important protection of vital software is and hackers are becoming more and more creative in their efforts to steal your information and use without credit or payment to you.  So the first thing you will do is start talking to software license management companies to protect your investment.  Where would you go? What basic products should they provide? Here are 5 basic items that every software protection partner that you do business with present to your company.  If they don’t provide these simple services, give them the pink slip before you finish the conversation.




They company that you ultimately choose should have an unwavering commitment to thwart tampering, code integrity as well as stopping the unauthorized use of software, which is your main factor for driving revenue.  This is a given, many companies are out for their own bottom line, not yours.  When interviewing them, you’ll see which ones are aimed at making your life easier stand out from the ones that only want to line their pockets.




Can they provide license management from a single API on Unix/Linux, Windows, Mac, OS X and Java? The key here is from a single API. Enough said.




Are they able to deploy licensing models that are effective for your current end users and new ones as your business grows? Growth is a good thing, but you want to make sure that your licensing management partner can handle the strength and volume of demand alongside of you.




Does their commitment to an open architecture allow partners to extend incredible value to you by making thisadd-on products (such as license utilization report writers) affordable?  Let’s face it; you need a lot more bang for your buck.  Price gouging doesn’t help a business that’s looking to grow the smart way.




Can theyyou modify the license keys and make it possible to vary the size and scope of the license modelgrant to provide your customized services?  Your software is unique; therefore it should be treated as such.  Therefore it is paramount that your license management partnersoftware can handle your unique product.



Some end users go to ISV’s for support, however if necessary, can your license management partner offer support in form of downloadable developer’s kits, forums, emails and newsletters to stay abreast of changing trends in the industry as well as basic tutorials.


Finally, the company that you ultimately choose should have a commitment to thwart tampering as well as stopping the unauthorized use of software, which is an additional factor for driving revenue.

Shanghai Gold Shield Efficient Fire Engines To Be Listed On Strengthening R & D – Shanghai

Shanghai Gold Shield Efficient Fire Engines To Be Listed On Strengthening R & D – Shanghai
March 5, Fire Safety Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Golden Shield “Sixth Shanghai Golden Shield Technology Forum” at the Golden Shield Port Industrial Park successfully held the fire. Fire from the Chinese industry, local government and relevant departments and professional design institutes and over 20 leading experts to come to the scene, made an important speech. Zhou Xiangyi chairman and the company more than some middle-level leaders attended the meeting.

This Golden Shield forum’s theme is “On economic revitalization, business development strategies on three Golden Shield.” Beginning of the meeting, Zhou Xiangyi keynote speech, Chairman of the arrival of all the leaders and experts said the heat out of the welcome and heartfelt thanks. Golden Shield Golden Shield has held for six consecutive years Technology Forum, the Forum also held its sixth Shield companies start to move into third port after the new plant’s first meeting with far-reaching significance. The Shield Forum for six consecutive years, the fire company was honored to have many leaders and experts within the industry gather together and diagnose the troubles for the development of enterprises, the enterprises have the third start today. In recent years, through the market structure, product structure adjustment of the three structures, the rapid development of enterprises, operating results increased year by year, Gold Shield brand is increasingly recognized by the market, business has entered the best period in history, 2009 Sell Volume up 60%. February 2010, the company fully into the fire Division Fire Industrial Park Port move to new premises in the company’s third venture officially began. Golden Shield Academy that stood in the port on the grand plans, strive to achieve an annual output of 1000 the grand objective of fire engines, among the forefront of the industry. Standing in the beginning of the third business enterprises eager to get all the leaders, expert guidance, enabling businesses to plan for future development path of science, the real fire of the leading enterprises in China, to create “a hundred years Shield, the international Golden Shield”!

During the meeting, guests are warm and provocative ideas on how to develop “Rise of Shield, the international Golden Shield” Industrial brand development strategy, how to make fire safety industry to keep up with the pace of urbanization, how to meet the petrochemical, tunnels, Rail The demand for fire engineering and other industries, how best to use the capital value of enterprise assets such as leveraged to promote the subject of a brilliant view of the company during the scientific planning for future development path must put forward many valuable suggestions. Guests are fully affirmed the achievements of businesses in recent years and the construction of fixed assets outstanding results, on the third business venture is extremely optimistic about the prospects for the companies listed, personnel training, policy docking, new product development, Technology Innovation, enterprise culture construction, made valuable suggestions. Summarized as follows:

Of the enterprises should seize the opportunity to market as soon as possible.
Shield already has the conditions for listing, should be listed as soon as possible. Enterprises can not develop without Environment , Their own efforts only internal factors, the role of the external environment is not ignored. Told us many instances, companies listing in the role of capital market financing, driven by the enterprise will grow rapidly and non-listed enterprises will be widening the distance. Listed companies, the public will be more trust in their brand, companies easier to gather people, and easier to evaluate assets. After listing in the global allocation of resources, enterprise development space will soon increase, corporate management structure will be more standardized. Post-marketing companies can bring the industry a number of other good M & A, take the capital operation of the road, bringing rapid expansion of enterprises. Government with industry, number of listed companies have control, if an enterprise has been equipped, they should seize the opportunity to market as soon as possible.

Second, companies should spare no effort in quality control, set a good brand reputation.

Core brands in addition to technological innovation, for fire protection products, the most important quality. Fire Products public security, quality is the essence of its first. To a business in the minds of the people set up a good brand, reputation, then the quality must never be overlooked. Products both in the low end or high end market, the quality should be fully protected. Product in any part of any market problems will affect the overall credibility. Golden Shield companies want to do a hundred years, international companies in terms of quality necessary to have fully guaranteed.