3 most commonly asked Ice Vending Machine Questions & Answers

3 most commonly asked Ice Vending Machine Questions & Answers
Where are the best locations to place Ice Vending Machines?
Locations with the best flow of road and foot traffic, that make ice available to those that use ice on a daily bases such as construction workers, landscape workers, coaches and Soccer Moms.are always the best locations for ice vending machines. Destination Locations or locations where your ice vending machine only serves the purpose of one type of consumer are generally poor choices. For example, if you plan to install an ice vending machine at a location near a body of water such as lake or a swimming pool where a majority of your business will be taking place over the weekend by only those on site. Unless the quantity of ice sold over the weekend during the warm months is so great that it will allow you to not require sales during the week and throughout the cold months, this would be a poor decision. Keeping this in mind a slight alteration such as placing the ice vending machine on the way to the lake off a main road, or near a marina entrance would generally be an better location and will make yourself available to more consumers and not just during the warmest months.

How much Ice or Water will I sell with an Ice Vending Machine?
Every ice vending machine location is different and produces a different quaintly of sales, but on average few locations sell more than 40-60 bags of ice and 20-30 gallons of water per day on average, unless there is a special occasion such as July 4th. There are of course ice vending machines located in places that sell more or less ice and water on a daily basis, but they are the exception not the rule.

What kind and how big of an ice vending machine should I purchase?
Ice & water vending business plans generally offers two schools of thought:
Option 1, is to place one large high production ice vending machine house able to sell a large quantity of ice from one location.
Option 2, is to place smaller, lower production ice vending machines that can be expanded as and if demand requires. The much smaller size allows for the possibility of many different type locations and the affordability allows for multiple locations.

Option 1: Large & Junior sized Ice Houses
Production – Capable of producing approximately *8000 lbs of ice and selling 800 bags or more per day, of which 650 10lb bags of ice could be sold in a row, if the occasion arose where there were 650 customers waiting in line, and replenishing ice at a rate of *545lbs per hour.

Cost – Approximately $ 125,000 to $ 160,000
Size – 10′ x 18′ – 9 x 15″
Return on Investment: As previously mentioned, every ice vending machine location is different and produces a different quaintly of sales, we have heard delightful stories of machines working to capacity in superb locations; however, most are similar to an owner of 8 large ice vending machines houses in Southern US, whose gross sales average per machine is $ 35 per year per machine or sells approximately 64 bags per day not 800 equaling a very slow return on your investment. (ask for a retail projection workbook)
Location – If you purchase a large or Junior sized ice vending machine house the locations available for placement are limited due to the size of the ice house. If you choose a poor location, or if road other construction diverts or blocks traffic flow to the ice house or any landlord issues occur it will cost tens of thousands of dollars to relocate your ice house. Rents will be relative to size of property required.
Miscellaneous – Utility Bills, three-phase power

Options 2: Compact Ice Vending Machines
Cost – Approximately $ 34,000 to $ 66,000
Size – 52″ x 35″ – 52″ x 78″ Multiple sizes and production capabilities allow for multiple solutions. Only take up the space, only spend the money and only build the ice that is required by that location.
Return on Investment: (ask for retail projection workbook)
Locations: “use your imagination” Car Washes, RV Parks, Parking Lots, Convenience Store Side Walks..most places a Soda machine can fit.
Rent will be relative to size of property required.

Production – Smaller ice vending machines will not produce the tremendous amount of ice at one time as the large ice houses, and are aware of very few instances where it would be prudent to do so. Our smallest ice vending machines can produce *1900 lbs of ice and sell 190 bags or more per day, of which 40 10lb bags of ice could be sold in a row if the occasion arose where there were 40 customers waiting in line, replenishing ice at a rate of *75lbs per hour.

Rub Card Stores Selling “rub Net” Vulnerable To Hackers, Phishing – Rub Card, Hackers –

Rub Card Stores Selling “rub Net” Vulnerable To Hackers, Phishing – Rub Card, Hackers –
HC Network Security Recently, the University of Electronic Science and Technology, Zhongshan University student Alan found his computer speeds become very slow, he worried that she was rubbing net. Popular “rub net family” has appeared Zhongshan? Reporter interviewed found that “Rub Card” in Zhongshan major computer stores sell good. Many people think that, “rub net” is a cheap chic petty behavior Expert But that it is tantamount to self-dug trap.

In the electronic market, it is easy to get the rub network equipment
Investigation: “Rub Card” can rub network signal within 4 km
River in China Digital Plaza, Sun City, Digital Square, also some to sell computer parts and assembly of computer-based business sellers do not know “Rub Card” what, when reporters put it another way, “Card King” “Card King”, the majority of business network cards, routers, sellers will mysteriously from behind the counter, out under such Product . It is understood that, “Rub Card” in Zhongshan major computer stores sell good.

“This card is not legal, so it will not put the counter top.” Cyber Plaza, Sun City, a shop owner out of two Peng, “Rub Card”, a 180, another 260 yuan. This reporter saw a package called the WINNING products printed “link your world to every-where” the Advertisement Language. As for the other, a Taiwanese production of “Rub Card”, Peng said the boss, “can be received within 2000 meters radius of the wireless network signal.”

I tried a “Rub Card”, will this card into the computer USB interface, install the antenna gain, instantly search more than one nearby wireless network signal, and then crack the disc through a crack the password, that is, can break the password of these networks to realize “rub net.” University of Electronic Science and Technology

Computer Engineering, Zhongshan University Teacher Xu Xiang explained Rub Card works. “For more than one computer needs access to the Internet, many units and families a wireless router. In the wireless router can be set to automatically dial-up account, password, the user will set the professional point of a layer of security protocols, but often non-professional users set security protocols. so, my network card to a neighbor’s network can receive the signal, as soon as I can crack wireless router to their account password, you can line up with their network. “on the market called” card King, “” Card King “of Rub Card is not a normal wireless card, its great power is often more than 10 times normal network card, and with professional crack software.

Experts advise: beware Hacker Intentionally “was rubbing Network”
Petty cheap face a significant loss. “Rub net” Internet access fees and steal in order to save those who take other people’s networks, not knowing he is very easily be found, prosecuted, or even an inattentive hackers will fall into a “trap.”

If indicted, “rub family of nets” to bear any Law Responsibility? Cheng Yu Bin lawyers that the “rub net” is equal to theft of public resources to pay, should be a civil infringement, but also disrupt the telecom market order, if a certain amount of loss caused to criminal liability.

And Xu Xiang from Network Security Aspects of reasoning, “rub family of nets” in the Internet through someone else’s router when their various network account and password are “being rub” mark on the wireless router, so the event with professional expertise “is rubbing net are “equivalent to his own account and password over to people. In fact, the hacker organization several years ago proposed a wireless “fishing” the idea, also posted a trap called Airsnarf wireless network software. Some hackers intentionally bring laptops coffee shops, fast food restaurants and other public places “was rubbing network”, once the rub family of nets routed through the Internet computer hackers will be tempted or even forced to visit a number of hanging Virus The website, its online banking, Paypal account and password may be stolen, gained nothing in the anti-erosion meter.

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News and Society

News and Society


Since the “Greed is Good” speech delivered by Gecko in Wall Street in the eighties, we in the developed west have taken it for granted that companies making profits regardless of consequences is the best way forward for our world economy.


With the pan-Asian sporting games heading to China in 2010 it is the hope of the people of Guangzhou that these games can do to their city what the Olympic did for Beijing and to a lesser extent what the World Expo has done for Shanghai.


Labor Day is a legal holiday of United States that is over 100 years old. And then if talk about respecting ancestors in a smaller perspective, in Jogja there is also a tradition to respect someone who has passed away. Actually this is a common tradition in Javanese culture.


Area 51 is renowned for being the leading edge in the development of top secret military aero-space projects, as well as being the center for a conspiracy theory whereby the government keeps and studies Alien Aircraft that it has captured over decades, most notably the wreckage from Roswell NM.


Similarly, there is a critical shortage of qualified nurses as well which compounds the problem. Why? Well, this may not be the only reason but there are always recruiting drives by large American hospitals offering substantially more to qualified nurses than Canadian hospitals pay.


Dongchang is the municipal district of Liaocheng City in Shandong. It is undergoing a profound reformation. The new projects are developed well. This district transfers the developing mode, adjusts the structure and increases the total amount of the economy. Based on bearing resources, it has made innovative development through many ways.


Many different points of views that all point towards this major event have been causing a wave of panic and unrest among many. People have started asking many questions regarding the 2012 prophecies and are trying to find out if this will really be the end of the world as we know it.


News headlines, excessive coverage and internet streaming news sites have certainly become an important strategy of the world wide media to attract the public’s attention. Of course the name was made famous shortly after the birth of a baby girl to David Cameron and his wife Samantha on Tuesday 24th August 2010. They now have a daughter with the full name of Florence Rose Endellion Cameron.


Both Sania & Shoaib seemed to have decided before hand that each would play for its respective country no matter what, The promotion of rights by superpower is mere formality and poor Member States have shown the inability to implement the rights of its people.


As an important parts supplier, the pump and valve business has a close relationship with many industries such as the real estate and construction. In recent years, due to the good investment environment and the deepening of the policy about infrastructure development, China’s pump and valve industry gains a lot of opportunities for quick development.


Custom Services Inc., a company founded by Bob and Dana in 1980 has been dedicatedly providing air conditioning, heating,The dawn of Internet brought new kind of lifestyle to news readers and subscribers, however, it wasn’t enough to change what others have been used to. More people still subscribe to magazines and daily newspapers for their own reasons.


Denver Network Security Are Hackers Putting Your Business In Danger?

Denver Network Security Are Hackers Putting Your Business In Danger?
With the Wiki Leaks drama as of late, it seems that there is a lot of speculation circulating as regard to who’s at risk, what can be done, and who to turn to for support to prevent these kind of information disasters. That’s where finding a reputable IT support company that provides excellent Denver network security services comes in! Most good IT support companies offer a variety of services to address information security that include disaster recovery, internet security, network security and other data protection services for the everyday small business.

With fear comes rash decisions however (exactly what hackers want). Look to avoid some of the many scares that are crippling businesses and causing them to over spend. For example, see this recent email I received from our tenant regarding just this issue, and QeH2 Partner Ian Holt’s thoughts following…

WARNING: Internet usage and DoS attacks

With the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange the largest hacker group in the world right now (Known as “Anonymous”) is doing major attacks on many financial institutions like Paypal and Mastercard and internet providers like Amazon. These attacks also known as DoS (Denial of Service) attacks are usually performed by sending out massive amounts of malware which hijacks people’s machines and disseminates the attack from unknowing victims machines. Occasionally these malware include Trojans and worms which will damage your machine.

As an added precaution beyond normal virus and malware protection we want all of our customers to know about this and would ask that you limit internet usage over the next three days to curtail any hijacking of your equipment. By all means, do not stop using the internet altogether but please limit your usage as much as possible for the next three days. The government is fighting back against these hackers and the major companies are working on patches to block the malware dissemination but it will take time.

I sent this to my Partner and friend Ian, he replied with the following….

“This sounds like a hoax. It’s not like there is a limited amount of internet to go around. If you try to access one of the websites they attack it will be slower, but your internet usage will not affect nor increase your ability to be attacked or hijacked.

The government does fight back against hackers, the FBI has 1 (that’s ONE) cybercrime expert in the state of Colorado and he’s woefully behind the times. Private companies being attacked will update their security policies and block offending traffic and may experience a few hours of downtime until they control their own sites.

Erroneous parts of this email include – The Paypal BLOG site was down, not paypal. Amazon is NOT an internet provider, they are an online retailer.

This whole thing reeks of cyberhoax.”

Hopefully this proves as an example that you never know what to believe, especially given the various sources. Someone played a simple hoax here but the results can and will be lost productivity, etc. When a question comes up just contact your local Denver network security company or your IT support technician, that’s what we’re here for!

Russian Due Diligence Recommended to Prevent Hacker Threat

Russian Due Diligence Recommended to Prevent Hacker Threat

Online scams have reached unbelievable levels in Russia and the Ukraine. Corrupt government officials and local law enforcement has done little to prevent or stop this growing form of crime. Some of the stories from the scams cases are difficult to believe. If these crimes were a novel, they would surpass the stories imagined by Frederick Forsyth, Ian Fleming and Graham Greene combined. Their creativity is one of the leading traits that keeps these scammers and criminals in business. The FBI recently reported that internet fraud has cost the Fortune 500 companies hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Among the crime, a leading cartel has emerged from Chinese cities near the Russian border.

The FBI warns that businesses and bank wire transfers to Chinese cities of Raohe, Fuyuan, Jixi City, Xunke, Tongjiang and Dongning into accounts in banks such as the Agricultural Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, or the Bank of China are at high risk. In most cases, law enforcement and Russia private investigators still do not know if the funds remain in China or are transferred elsewhere. And we are talking about big money. In some cases, $ 900,000 to even $ 20 million have been wired in each transfer. Targets vary from major insurance companies to real estate to schools and even churches. Wealthy individuals are also targeted. Criminals can speak the industry lingo, present a golden opportunity, and finally close the deal with your “investment”.

Experts are alarmed at the level of sophistication being used in the international fraud cases from Russia and China, and there is little effort being made by local law enforcement to prevent it. Fraudsters are focusing on business accounts and are leaving individual accounts in the past, because businesses move larger amounts of money, balances and have more transactions per month than an individual does, and if scamming the victim directly isn’t possible, the door is open to hackers to target the victim.

Businesses in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia who have fallen victim to these scams have been devastated. Hackers can cause damage beyond repair in some cases, especially if it impacts the perception of trust by clients. For example, once a company is knowingly the victim of a hacker, consumers begin to recognize that company as a risky company to do business with, and doing business with that company might mean that your information is not secure. The result is a major decline in new customers, and a costly battle to recover from the damage. Due diligence is key to avoid the mess.

Russia private detectiveagencies emphasize that accounts must be properly secured, and safeguards put in place to avoid hackers. For websites, the McAfee secure seal is just one of many steps a company can take to show customers it is serious about avoiding hacker risks. While some businesses view such steps as costly, it’s important for business owners and corporate managers to know the alternative, not verifying, can be far more costly. To be safe, consult a professional for due diligence!


All the best,

S. Birch

© 2011 S. Birch

How To Get Quote Happening Car Insurance

How To Get Quote Happening Car Insurance

The telecommunications world is undergoing an incredible level of cash these days. The advent of Wi-Fi, changing just before fiber optic cable plus the transition from analog on the road to digital transmission is just the tip of the transition. Someone has en route for be into charge of all this, in addition to keep current operating systems working arranged the same moment within time; with the aim of person is the Telecommunications Manager.

Telecommunications Managers are the one true generalists within the industry. They oversea a small cadre of technicians, engineers, analysts and operators over all aspects of an organization’s telephony, wireless and internet systems. On the road to qualify for this position, a person usually has a minimum of five years experience in the industry. They as well cover gone beyond a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Electric, Electronic or Mechanical Engineering.

En route for start by mode of, the qualities a recruiter looks intended for are strong issue solving and communications skills. They are as well looking designed for managerial along with leadership qualities. Selected experience by work flow charts, budgeting along with staying going on top of the communications industry are also definite pluses.

Education-wise, hiring authorities look used for managers who contain either continued their education within the post-grad world, buying either an MBA through an MIS or alike communications core, or an MS inside the previously mentioned scientific disciplines. They will too look without stopping what kind of telecommunications these people encompass previously worked by the side of. Those hiring are particularly interested inside personnel who enclose worked resting on platforms their company already encompass installed.

From there, this is generally much for a longer time a desk job than an taking place field position. The manager is expected on the way to supervise others, who do whatever tasks he assigns on the means to them. He or she too is responsible designed for filing reports ranging anywhere from the status of about projects in the direction of employment reports. They are as well lying on the front line if it’s decided so as to new equipment might be necessary or old systems ought be updated or upgraded.

The Telecommunications Manager is certainly compensated appropriately meant for their position. Depending without stopping their employers size plus location, these supervisory positions be capable of earn anywhere from $ 60,000 headed for over $ 100,000 a year. Those who do keep up on the manner to date by scheme of this rapid flood of technology are the ones who do tend to not only earn longer, save for too encompass the best opportunity on the process to advance inside senior management.

Since for the number of jobs out present, it looks like it will be relatively stable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of individuals who are becoming managers are staying relatively similar on the mode to the number who are retiring. The key reason intended for retirement is the inability to stay up in the direction of date through all the technological currency.

Learn round about Quote On Car Insurance

Inspiring Social Worker Quotes

Inspiring Social Worker Quotes

Jane Addams, who is considered the mother of social worker said “Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men”. She is known for being one of the famous social workers of all time, using her training and education to do only good. Being a therapist, while it may not be one of the most high-paying jobs of all time, appeals to many people because it gives them the opportunity to help others and make the world a better place for children to grow up in. There are many different types of social work, including jobs which work directly with kids as well as families, groups and individual adult counseling.

The term is rather broad, and can be applied to many different people who work in various parts of the country’s system that is designed to help people in a variety of ways. Jill Ruckelshaus said “The family is the building block for whatever solidarity there is in society.” She understood the core value that a family has in society. She worked closely with many other counselors to provide children with a safe and loving home environment. Many of the women who have been inspirational have created the building blocks on which we stand today. They walked the walk and were not just arm chair thinkers.

Social work is about many different things, but above it all is helping our fellow man. Those social workers who have been quoted saying things such as the statements above lived up to what they said each and every single day. Being a social worker is perhaps one of the nobler, self-sacrificing jobs out there because of the notoriously low pay and difficult working conditions. Not only do many take on enormous responsibility in terms of sheer case load, but also emotional baggage that can often times have an effect on oneself. Weekend work can be involved as well as phone calls outside of work.

Many times social workers are forced to deal with very emotional issues concerning children who grow up in abusive homes and must suffer through unimaginable things. The inner satisfaction of having helped another person, especially a child, is very gratifying. Throughout history there have been many great social workers, many of which are unknown because of the nature of this work. They are not typically viewed as being inspirational people in society, though they are truly the definition of working class heroes. Burn out is also a problem from this work and the low pay so it’s important to take care of oneself.

Most of the inspirational counselors of our time have been women, though men do occasionally hold such positions. Those who are interested in pursuing social work as a career will want to be aware of both the pay and the kind of work which will be required, depending on which section of social work you want to go into. Social workers perform numerous tasks relating to the health, safety, and well-being of others. It’s also important to find a good school that has classes and mentoring to fit your interests.

Latest Arsenal Transfer News

Latest Arsenal Transfer News

For the last couple of months, Arsenal Football Club was facing with some transfer problems, as most of their seasoned players were moving to other clubs or getting out of the team. Due to this, the supporters showed their emotions and feelings during the matches and outside the stadium. Below, I will talk about the latest changes that are going on in the club since the last season.

Arjen Robben, one of the Dutch players of the team, believes that Robin Van Persie will be extremely disturbed because of his team-mate Rafael Van Der Vaart has enrolled with Tottenham, sooner than playing in Arsenal FC. Arjen believes that the entry of Van Der Vaart in the team will help Tottenham to get stronger than Gunners. According to Arjen, Rafa is the best midfield player of the Premier League, and that could be a big trouble for Arsenal FC. Rafa’s transfer will definitely affect the performance of the team.

Arsenal FC supporters have been trying to create a pressure on Arsene Wenger as he is not getting a goalkeeper for the present summer season, though it gives the impression that Mark Schwarzer is irritated for not getting entry in the team. Similarly, Tom Cruise is also planning to leave Arsenal FC. And the reason behind this can be concluded as the management has put him in reserve players. Tom has been in the reserve for the previous season as well.

No matter how bad all that sounds, we can talk about some good news happening in Arsenal FC as well. 17 year old striker Ryo Miyaichi will be joining Arsenal FC by the end of this year. And as a motivation, Andrei Arshavin, Russian midfielder has won the “Best Russian Player” prize in August.

These were some of the latest transfer news of Arsenal. And as you noticed, both good and bad things are going on right now. One of the latest surveys carried out along the fans shows that they are losing their faith to their favorite Arsenal Football Club. That means the managers need to do things that will keep their fans’ faith alive.

Quots Said By Bill Gates

Quots Said By Bill Gates
We know that Bill Gates is the world’s richest man after he and his partner established their computer company together. Although he is rich, he didnt spent his money in buying something without meanings. Maybe it is cartier jewelry. While cartier jewelry is not very expensive online. We are not surprised that great success happened to him. From his success we know that life is not easy. But we should fight for our life. Ever I have seen a detailed report about him. What he said impressed me in my deep heart.

1.Life is not fairso we should get used to it. If you see somebody wear jewelry like cartier bracelet, it is not worthy for you to envy. As long as you work hard, you can wear any other famous jewelry brand. Also you can buy cartier bracelet too.

2.The world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself.

3.Life is not divided into semesters. You don’t get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. Do that on your own time.

4.Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to job.

5.You will not make 40 thousand dollars a year right out of high school. You won’t be a vice-president with a car phone, until you earn both.

6.lf you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. He doesn’t have tenure.

7.Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping; they called it opportunity.

8.Before you were born, your parents weren’t as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to your talk about how cool you are. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parents’ generation, try “delousing” the closet in your own room.

9.lf you mess up, it’s not your parents’ fault, so don’t whine about our mistakes, learn from them.Anyhow our parents do everything for us. They would help us whenever and wherever we are in difficulties.

10.Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.

11.Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not. In some schools they have abolished failing grades; they’ll give you as many times as you want to get the right answer. This doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to anything in real life.

Firewall Support, the Best Way to Block Hackers

Firewall Support, the Best Way to Block Hackers

Do you know you can protect your computer from unauthorized access with the help of firewall? A firewall is a security tool. It may be a hardware, a software, or a combination of both that is used to prevent unauthorized programs or Internet users from accessing a private network and/or a single computer. It protects an entire network based on the nature or level of the network. Hardware firewalls are more expensive and harder to configure but have more options to manage desirable security features over any type of network. It is also usable to signify particular or customized data transmission. Don’t you know how to configure firewall? For Firewall configuration you can talk to a computer repair company.

On the other hand, Software Firewalls are basically used for limiting access of internet for a particular local or domain user but can’t be used to manage groups. It is usually less expensive and easier to configure. A firewall inspects each individual “packet” of data passing through either side of the firewall, incoming or outgoing from your computer and determines whether it should be allowed to pass through or should be blocked.

A firewall security can stop hackers from accessing computer remotely, protects personal information to be compromised, blocks malicious “pop up”, ads and certain cookies which increases the chances of getting infected. Firewall security cannot be used to prevent e-mail viruses. Only an antivirus product with updated definitions can prevent e-mail viruses. The firewall will require periodic updates to the rule sets and the software itself for complete PC security.

If we don’t initialize an action and the firewall picks up something automatically, we should most likely deny it and investigate it. If something stopped which was working prior to the installation, there is a good chance it might be because of the firewall. One of the primary functions of a firewall is to provide a buffer between trusted and untrusted networks. The most common place for this is between the corporate network and the Internet, protecting a group of R&D computers from the rest of the network, separating sensitive servers like finance from the corporate network. It can be used as a security gateway between two networks like between trusted and untrusted networks.

Information on the black market, underground economy, shadow economy and dark net