quot;Sanmeizhenhuo” wave stove exploded in early spring 2006 consumer – electronic oven, microwave ovens, Galanz – HC Network Appliance Indus

quot;Sanmeizhenhuo” wave stove exploded in early spring 2006 consumer – electronic oven, microwave ovens, Galanz – HC Network Appliance Indus


March, slightly cold,

Microwave ovens

Market has been hot ever. It is reported that, since “


Sanmeizhenhuo – light breakthrough “campaign started, the major home appliances


Halogen Cooking Pot


Warming up, snapping up hot scene staged. Many consumers have pointed out: “Galanz brand ring, the product is good, affordable enough!”

“Light” Love


“Sanmeizhenhuo” Early Spring Warmth



Person in charge, III, April chill of early spring, the breeding of bacteria are most vulnerable, at home, purchase a bactericidal


Function of light household appliances has become first choice for health. Now, buy a chance to enjoy special Galanz wave stove, get purple pot,

Rice cooker

Hotpots and other super-luxury gifts, many places to carry out on-site lottery, “Cooking Contest” for the consumer to create a unique benefits! Coincides with the season, Galanz activities have no doubt sent out to carefully care for consumers.

According to authoritative sources noted that the ultra-violet disinfection, more than a certain wavelength is harmful. Steady light is bactericidal, in the use of which will not change. The technology upgrade through the “Sanmeizhenhuo” light technology, is a world leader: It combines shower ball microwave, direct circulation light, three-dimensional polymer light shooting, multiple cutting-edge technologies together so that the efficiency of scale and perfect wave stove heating upgrade faster


, Healthier, safer and more efficient. “Sanmeizhenhuo” wave stove highly popular shows that consumers increasingly rational.

“Fast” cooking music



To lead a harmonious consumption

Also seen in some stores, “Glanz PK light cooking contest,” set off a Road festive heat! It is reported that the activities for the public purchase at the scene, “favorite” products, can easily participate in activities with prizes, received unanimous praise.

The past two years, “

Super Girl

“PK Competition swept the country, while” Sanmeizhenhuo “Halogen Cooking Pot’s fast, smart cooking, microwave cooking experts to the general ease,” title “! In the” light cooking PK Glanz Competition “during the event, consumers can participate in Marketplace colorful


, Q, cooking and other activities. Through several rounds of elimination, the final two will be the ultimate consumer PK, Ping Chu final rankings, win prizes!

According to “the PRC, market research report”, Glanz has been reelected 11 consecutive years of sales and market share in China’s microwave oven double entry title. Last year, global production and marketing breakthrough in microwave oven light Galanz 20 million units, nearly Qicheng domestic market share, about five percent of global market share. The absolute leader in the market situation, consumers return Galanz also always keep in mind, service to the community, to create a good environment for consumption, show a “world leading brand” good style.

Get Free Quotes for Mexican Auto Insurance

Get Free Quotes for Mexican Auto Insurance

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Hacker Said The Response By The Black Without The Shaolin Monks Challenge The Official Website

Hacker Said The Response By The Black Without The Shaolin Monks Challenge The Official Website

Kai 3G Security Situation   Stolen vehicle to help monitor the security section   2010 issue of social networking sites and more

[ Project planning ]   09 hot areas of security focus   New Inventory   Airport bus monitor 3 sin

[ Data ]   25 transactions totaling 50,000 yuan 2009 Global IP surveillance market grew 15%

HC Network Security  November 4, 2009, the temple official website was hacked, abbot Shi Yongxin was Hacker Verbal attacks. November 11, the site was again black. Week twice the temple official website was black, “abbot of repentance” for malicious hackers to attack websites with the recent trouble in the uproar the incident.

Shaolin abbot Shi Yongxin “repentance”

Dissatisfied with the commercialization of hacker Shaolin

11 11, the major online Forum Began circulating a signature Shaolin abbot Shi Yongxin’s “repentance” from Shaolin official website of repentance claiming the status of the Shaolin Temple, shame, remorse, and said not in the business of no return on this further and further away, as Buddhist Shaolin Temple and sinners.

9 am the day the website can see the Shaolin Temple, “repentance,” then website not open.

“Repentance” with “Shi” readme way, to write their own personal development in the Shaolin Temple, “in 10 years as a Shaolin abbot that, with practical work hard, the Shaolin Temple by a small temple built an ordinary world-class temple. “

From the full text of view, the greatest dissatisfaction with hackers for Shaolin Temple is its internationalization and commercialization. Hackers cited a number of nearby Shaolin Temple “lawlessness”, also questioned the Shaolin Temple through these means profit, and that the temple was too commercial. On the example, the Internet at a higher price at the Shaolin Temple Shaolin martial arts and medical cases Cheats, organized “Kung Fu Star” sea election, receiving foreign dignitaries, host Miss World Tourism, planning large-scale performances in Las Vegas, tricks, abbot I also try to participate and attend events, receive a variety of media, and even made friends with Hollywood celebrities, in order to increase the exposure, and finally at the expense of the sacred Buddhist temple clean and the expense was paid out today the famous Shaolin Temple and their own overseas.

In addition, the authors believe that Shaolin Temple “gradually lost themselves, put their own position is not correct,” “special article published by the Shaolin Temple Home of repentance.”

Hackers said they blacked out appearance Shaolin Temple website

Morning, I open the Sina cultural studies community, is out there “is black Shaolin Temple website!” This post. The message forum nickname as “key Western Sun,” published in 2007 claimed to own a “martial arts groups to openly challenge the book” Shaolin Temple, the article did not get a response, so black out the temple site, using the extreme means to arouse the attention of Shaolin area , also published some of his personal dissatisfaction over the Shaolin Temple.

Tips to Fight SPAM

Tips to Fight SPAM

SPAM is email that is unsolicited (email that you didn’t ask for). This mail is commonly trying to sell you something. Typically it is just irritating, however SPAM could also include malware like a virus, or connect you to phishing websites that attempt to steal your private information. It is not possible to stop all spam, but the following are some methods to hold spam to a minimum.

You can be protected from malicious spam with antivirus software. Make sure that your computer has antivirus software installed. (There is antivirus software that has tools to filter out spam after it is downloaded to your computer). However, you might try to spot an email that has a dangerous attachment without opening it up; an email than includes a picture or is written with a Word document might be loaded with a virus — be careful.
Don’t give your email address to people that are untrustworthy. If you have to give your email address to get something from a website, it is best to set up an email address just for the purpose of receiving junk. Hotmail or Gmail web mail is very good for this.
Don’t reply to any email unless you have asked for that email.
A lot of spam messages include directions at the end of the message requesting that you answer the message if you desire to be taken off their mailing list. Don’t do it, since this will only ensure them that this is a real email address, and you will probably receive more spam. For the same reason, you shouldn’t give your address for opting-out or removing it from a list.
Preview all your emails by reading their subject lines prior to opening the email.
When you get emails that ask for money or help from someone you don’t know, do not forward the message. It is most likely a hoax, and this is a great way for spammers to acquire more email addresses. A lot of emails warning about viruses are hoaxes too. You should do your homework about virus warnings before you warn your friends about it so that you don’t spread the hoax on to them.
If you pass along emails to multiple parties, address them through the BCC field, which safeguards their address by keeping it hidden. Ask people to send you emails in this manner as well.
Just like item #2, above, don’t give your address for placement on mailing lists in chat rooms or to newsgroups. You should have a ‘throwaway’ address to use for this and another address for friends and family.
If you put your email address on your website, tell your web designer to encrypt it so that people who send spam can’t see what it is. One effective encryption program is ‘enkoder’. It is free of cost. You can do a Google search for Enkoder.
You could register a complaint via email to the administrator of the server that hosts the spammer’s website. The majority of servers provide an email address to notify of abuses in the WHOIS part of the IP address. It is possible to check the email’s header to locate the source of the message and conduct a WHOIS lookup. There should be an abuse email address. http://whois.domaintools.com offers a free IP WHOIS lookup.

List of bollywood news

List of bollywood news

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Skinny Quotes – Envision Your Ideal Self

Skinny Quotes – Envision Your Ideal Self

What do an avid runner, an ancient Roman poet, an ancient Greek philosopher, and an English intellectual have in common? They all said powerful things that can help us on the course of losing weight and getting in shape. Let’s examine their quotes and come up with some action plans we can follow to help achieve our goals.

Cyril Connolly, the English intellectual, said, “The one way to get thin is to re-establish a purpose in life.”

What is your life’s purpose? Some people might refer to this as your personal Mission Statement.

Have you thought about it? Have you stated it definitively? Is it just “to make it to tomorrow”? Or is it something bigger?

My life’s purpose and personal mission statement is: “To help as many people get healthy and wealthy as I can.” By working toward my life’s purpose I’ll be improving my health and wealth as well as creating a lasting legacy for my family and community.

When you establish your life’s purpose you are consciously and subconsciously directing yourself toward a desired future. If your desired future includes a healthier, thinner you you’re more likely to achieve it now that your life’s purpose is established.

Action plan: If you don’t have a life purpose or personal mission statement, take some time to create one.

Don’t just think about it. Write it down! Otherwise it isn’t “real” in your mind. Put it someplace you’ll see regularly like on your computer monitor. Think about the person you’ll become–mentally, physically and spiritually–as you accomplish things in line with your life purpose.

Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

A habit is a pattern of behavior that you acquire after frequent repetition. If you do anything enough times–good or bad–it becomes a habit.

The good news is that any bad habit can be broken. The key is to replace that bad habit with a new, good one.

Do you have any bad eating habits? Do you tend to eat unhealthy snacks between meals? Do you eat lots of fast food? Do you drink too much soda? Any of these habits can be changed.

Action plan: Identify one of your bad eating habits. Analyze it. Why does it happen? When? How? Once you have done this, commit to replace that habit with a new, improved one. Pay attention. Every time you catch yourself in the bad eating habit, replace it with something healthy.

For example, instead of grabbing another sugary (or chemically!) soda, brew up a big fresh mug of yummy green tea. Or take a walk around the block. Anything to break the pattern.

You will see that this at first conscious and difficult act soon becomes automatic. Then you’ll be on the way to excellent eating habits!

Virgil, the ancient Roman poet, said, “The greatest wealth is health.”

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how nice your material things are if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy them. And if you aren’t materially wealthy right now you are still very fortunate if you have good health.

Many people consider it noble to work themselves to exhaustion and sickness because they think in the end they’ll “buy” themselves time to improve their health. But that rarely happens. People who neglect their health often find themselves so sick they can’t enjoy the wealth they’ve been building.

Never seek material wealth at the expense of your health!

Action plan: Make a habit of being thankful for your good health. Consider how wealthy you really are if you already have good health. If your health can be improved by losing weight and getting in shape, make a commitment to do so. It’s the best way to make yourself truly wealthy!

And George Sheehan, the avid runner, said, “Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.”

If you’ve tried slimming down but haven’t succeeded, it’s possible you weren’t determined enough to reach your goal. Determination is a quality that can be exercised and mastered. Having a definite goal and keeping it in mind whenever you make a decision is a good way of strengthening your determination. Just be alert and when you feel your determination and will power falter, remember your goal and you’ll improve your resolve!

Action plan: Think about who you want to be. Describe this ideal you in detail, including as many aspects as you can think of. With this mental picture in place, you will see it is easier to maintain the focus and determination needed for your weight loss plan to be successful. Every time you feel about to cave, recall this picture of who you are meant to be. It will keep you on the right track and you WILL be successful.

In conclusion, take all these ideas together and use them to help you reach your weight loss goals: write down your personal mission statement; commit to replacing bad eating habits with good ones; be thankful for the good health you have and work to improve it; and envision your ideal self. If you follow these action plans you’ll be well on your way to a healthier and slimmer you!

Don’t Get Suckered by PayPal Phishers

Don’t Get Suckered by PayPal Phishers

Just recently, my brother in law had $ 5,000 stolen from his bank account by a phishing scam artist. Since he wasn’t the most Internet savvy person I know, I wasn’t all too surprised when this happened. However, even experienced online users are falling prey to these scammers. This includes veteran Internet marketers.

One of the biggest problems any online marketer must face is the horde of PayPal phishing scam artists lurking in the shadows. To avoid being scammed, some marketers have decided not to use PayPal entirely, which is basically cutting off your nose to spite your face. With a little self-education and some common sense, you can easily avoid becoming their next victim.

The first thing you need to know is the common types of emails the phishers are sending.

The most popular is the email explaining that that your account needs to be updated. There is then a link inside the body of the email encouraging you to click it and update your information. A twist on this email is one stating there was some illegal activity in your account. Again you will be encouraged to click on a URL that looks like it is from PayPal.

Some other common fraud emails you may receive could state your PayPal password has been changed or you have received a payment and you need to sign-in to collect it

The point of these emails, no matter what form they are in, is to get you to give up your login information. The URL in the body will always look like it leads to PayPal, but once you click the link, you will notice the URL is entirely different and not related to PayPal at all. This is an obvious tip off that the email is a fraud.

Remember, these scam artists just mass mail out to as many email addresses as they possibly can. So another easy way to know if the email is in fact a scam, is if the address the email has been sent to is not even registered with your PayPal account.

Of course the best way to handle these emails is to never click on the link. If you feel there may be a problem with your PayPal account, log into your account and see if there are any alert notices from PayPal. If you are still unsure, you can always send a support email to PayPal, just to be on the safe side.

Google Ends Censorship in China

Google Ends Censorship in China

It was January 13th that Google announced to stop censoring search result in China after a lot of cyber attack they found out in mid- December last year from China, which made off with intellectual property of Google and in case Chinese government does not like, it will pull out this market. After the investigation, it became more obvious that lots of other countries were similarly targeted, including finance, technology, Internet, media, and chemical.


Google has declared to stop censoring search results in China


The investigation showed that lots of Gmail accounts from US, China, Europe has been attacked by third parties via phishing scams or malware but not a security breach at Google.Despite of Google‘s preventative measures, the attacks’ nature has pushed the search giant to go a further step.


Google told that it no longer wants to censor China


Google told that it no longer wants to censor China, so it will discuss whether to provide this country with unfiltered results. If that isn’t viable, Google will be likely to shut down Google.cn and its offices in this country.


The Chinese’s reaction to Google’s announcement about stopping censoring


The largest news website of Tibet, phayul.com has shut itself down in honor of SFT’s protest against Google’s censorship in China and Tibet